Join the Reading List

What is the reading list?

The Reading List is a list of over 30 books with detailed summaries attached. The format of the list is very similar to that of the other pages on the website. For a dollar a month you will be given a password to access the reading list. The list will also be updated with a new life changing book every two weeks. Our goal with adding a new book bi-weekly is to give the subscribers time to read along with us, as the list is updated! Once you have signed up for the list, your password will be emailed to you, then you will use this password to access the Reading List page.

As a member of the reading list, you will also be given access to private specialized pages. These pages will include some of the best books in categories like marketing and real estate. More specialized pages are also being added! You will be notified, via the email for the reading list, as soon as these pages are posted. Invest in your continuous self-development for only a dollar a month!

When you receive your page password via email, click here to access the newest page!