Books on Confidence

YOU ARE A BADASS: HOW TO STOP DOUBTING YOUR GREATNESS AND START LIVING AN AWESOME LIFE by Jen Sincero. A thorough reminder that at any moment YOU are able to turn your life around. Sincero provides us with short and concise chapters filled with examples and practical exercises that serve as the catalyst for change. It's through these steps and examples you will learn how to love what you can't change and change what you can't love.

AWAKEN THE GIANT WITHIN by Anthony Robbins. Tony Robbins gives his readers a few main ideas that when embodied, will spark change. Two of these main steps include changing your belief systems. He claims that in order to change our belief systems we must find a way to associate pleasure with the new belief and pain to the old (disempowering) belief. This is only one practical step that Robbins gives his readers in his book, and this alone has the power to completely change your life. If you are ready to take control of your life, this is a must read.

GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY: OVERCOMING SELF-DEFEATING BEHAVIOR by Mark Gaulston and Philip Goldberg. Gaulston and Goldberg lay out 40 specific chapters, each dedicated to different self-defeating behaviors. Some examples of these self-defeating behaviors include "becoming obsessive or compulsive" and "trying to change others." Through chapters like these one can learn how to improve just about any self-defeating behavior.

THE SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A F*CK by Mark Manson. In his book Manson makes it very clear that people care way too much about things they have no control over. His proposition is to not give a f*ck when it comes to these things. If we can accomplish this, most of the daily stresses of life will completely evaporate. As people who want to be all we can be, we must find a way to only worry about things in our control and not about the things we have no control over. Manson tells his readers to stop living for others, stop worrying about things we don't control, and start living for yourself.