Books On Social Skills

How To Talk To Anyone: 92 Little Tricks For Big Success In Relationships by Leil Lowndes. Exactly as the title suggests this book is filled with 92 easily applicable tricks to implement into your daily conversations. Lowndes lays out these tricks along with an explanation on how to properly use each one. An essantial book for anyone looking to improve conversational skills.

How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Dale Carnegie has multiple books that are written with the intent of helping people. However, this book in particular is one of his most popular and successful books. In this book Carnegie provides the reader with many different principles that, when applied to your daily conversations, will lead people to find you intriguing. He also gives his readers detailed examples that will ease your road to mastering your social skills.

No More Mr. Nice Guy by Robert A. Glover. Glover describes the big difference between a nice guy and an integrated male in his powerful self-help book. He lays out the characteristics of a nice guy and his example of an "integrated male". In this particular book, Glover's main goal behind leaving the "nice guy" persona is to attract women. However if you follow these steps laid out in his book becoming an all around better person is guaranteed. 

People Skills: How To Assert Yourself, Listen To Other, And Resolve Conflicts by Robert Bolton. An excellent handbook for anyone looking to really set their people skills apart from the average individual. This book covers topics such as reflective listening, assertion, and conflict management. Along with these theories, Bolton provides his audience with specific examples in which these strategies can be applied. This book is yet another great tool to improve those daily conversations with business associates or family and friends. 

How To Develop Self Confidence And Influence People By Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie. Another precise and practical book by the great Dale Carnegie. Through this particular book Carnegie provides practical information involving the three most important aspects of public speaking. These three aspects include poise, confidence, and proper organization. He has created a very "readable" and easily applicable book that will ease the pain of any public speaking in your future.